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Gotta (Re)Start Somewhere.  
After one year IRL, I've sought refuge on the internet.
By stefaqs Posted in Way of The Stef on August 3, 2019 0 Comments 1 min read
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SteFaq’s. Started as a joke while co-working at the AWS Loft and a clever domain that was Route 53’d for future use, has ended as a collective community based class about how we use and understand money. Sparked a neighborhood cafe’ and a discussion about collective ownership in the for profit and B corp environment. 

My year IRL was an unexpected detour. My “just say yes, what could happen” way of operating has unlocked numerous opportunities. Business owners, politicians and entertainers met through organizing are now a part of my entrepreneurial journey.

T h e  C h a l l e n g e.
Find profitable channels in a local community space.  Operate collectively and make it accessible enough to be duplicated globally as an open source project. Remove the mental challenge of perceived “goodness” over business sense. 

T h e  H u r d l e s.
Bumper sticker logic. Political group think. Triggers and “safe” spaces. Lack of basic financial system knowledge and blanket hate of capitalism, the 1% and corporations.



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